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Covid-19 Response

Adapting To Help

     At CVS we are committed to helping our partners solve problems. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic we are in a position to help society fight back to stop the spread. We are creating and implementing protective products to ensure essential services remain available to all while ensuring that workers are protected and safe. Our ability to turnaround products quickly ensures that protective measures are implemented as fast as possible.


Some medical-grade products and services that are offered to combat the spread of COVID-19 are:

  • Screening Kiosks with antimicrobial surfaces; 

  • Formed acrylic shields;

  • Off-site testing facilities with tents, isolated testing rooms;

  • Drive-up screening stations;

  • Pop-up isolation homeless shelters;

  • Video conference kiosks for remote patient healthcare;

  • Free ideation and designs.

All surfaces are made with medical-grade antimicrobial materials. 

Please reach out for more information or inquiries.