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Creating Unforgettable Experiences.

We don't build displays, we craft experiences, designs at the forefront of current trends, backed by strategic thinking and built with precision and integrity. Using superior quality, expert craftsmanship and the latest technology, we deliver future-forward immersive realities that get your brand noticed right now.


We are makers of unforgettable experiences. Our expert team merges meaningful content with intuitive design to deliver innovative and elegant marketing solutions that engage consumers and build loyalty for your brand. We’re redefining what’s possible, bringing tomorrow’s experiences to life today.  


Air Canada Jet Engine

Having a photo taking while sitting in a real jet engine is an opportunity usually reserved for senior airline executives. Air Canada wanted to replicate this experience for the masses so they came to us, through Wasserman, to achieve this mission. We built a replica jet engine using formed acrylic, custom millwork, and premium spray finishing. The project required precise structural engineering, combined with precision fabrication to ensure no detail was overlooked. The result was a phenomenal photo op, enjoyed by hundreds of visitors. 


Kraken Rum

The CVS team was thrilled to have the opportunity recently to bring an astonishing creature to life for Kraken Rum. Designed and fabricated by CVS and our partners at wonderMakr, our creation for Kraken was a showstopper at Toronto Harbourfront. The extraordinary animatronic sea creature could be both seen and heard, attempting to break out of its shipping container, while eyeing up a crowd of onlookers. We were extremely happy with the installation, and apparently so was Mother Nature, providing the perfect dark and stormy backdrop to heighten the sense of mystery for this incredible display.


Love Lights

In 2019, Cadillac Fairview was on the hunt for a standout holiday experience. The answer was Love Lights, a joint venture project with wonderMakr and Urban Visuals that we still field questions on to this day. An enormously complex project, Love Lights incorporated 484 kinetic winches, custom-formed LED bulbs, interactive touchpads and 24 pre-composed overhead animations to create a 35’ tall sculpture in constant motion. To date, it is the largest indoor kinetic light sculpture every installed in Canada. Audiences were in awe, leaving Cadillac Fairview completely satisfied, and leaving us feeling immensely proud.


Nike Dream Kick

Line-ups for days - usually not a desirable outcome in a retail environment, but that was the incredibly successful result of our collaboration with the Nike flagship store in Chicago. CVS built a retail installation that invited shoppers to put their kicking skills to the test in a simulated soccer space, measuring distance and speed. Participants had the opportunity to earn a spot on the leaderboard and a chance to win weekly prizes. Thousands of people lined up to give it their best shot, and the project generated incredible buzz for the brand and the store.


Toyota Olympic Athlete Cheer Tunnel

What’s better than a little encouragement from friends and family? That’s exactly what Team USA athletes got when they visited this installation for Toyota. Registered athletes received a custom RFID keychain, that, when they walked through the Cheer Tunnel, activated personalized messages, pictures and videos on the screens, submitted by their loved ones, making the athletes feel a little closer to home. Toyota took the tunnel across the country in the leadup to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, putting it on site for multiple athletic trials. CVS managed the fabrication and logistics, partnering with wonderMakr for technology and integration.


Tokyo Smoke: Immersive Elevator Experience

Visitors to this Doug Aitken-inspired monolith encountered an immersive, interactive, and educational experience in this larger-than-life elevator. The Tokyo Smoke adventure astounded the senses with 360° audio, and three different kinds of animation – projected, light and on-screen.

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