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In House Services.

Our in-house services include design, fabrication, additive manufacturing and rendering, graphics, engineering, marketing, packaging, logistics, installation, robotic subtractive manufacturing, asset storage and management.
From step one to step done, we do it all.

3D Printing

3D printing is a process that constructs physical objects layer by layer from digital models using plastic substrates. It enables precise and customizable production, finding applications in edge-lit dimensional logos, modelling, and prototypes.


Edge Lit Dimensional Logo

With the cutting-edge capabilities of 3D printing, at CVS we meticulously brought to life a customized 3D letter, specifically tailored for Jameson's Christmas tree as a decorative and memorable topper. This use of technology and tradition adds a personal touch to holiday festivities, allowing Jameson to showcase their individual branding and personality. The of 3D printing ensures intricate details, creating a visually striking and durable ornament that becomes a focal point of seasonal joy. As a testament to the versatility of modern manufacturing, this 3D-printed tree topper seamlessly integrates innovation into the heartwarming traditions of the holiday season.

Large Scale Print

Massivit’s advanced additive manufacturing systems allow you to automate production of large parts to take your business to the next level. Print industrial, custom components at 30 times the speed of other technologies using high-performance materials.

The CVS team was thrilled to have the opportunity recently to bring an astonishing creature to life for Kraken Rum. Designed and fabricated by CVS and our partners at WonderMakr, our creation for Kraken was a showstopper at Toronto Harbourfront. The extraordinary animatronic sea creature could be both seen and heard, attempting to break out of its shipping container, while eyeing up a crowd of onlookers. We were extremely happy with the installation, and apparently so was Mother Nature, providing the perfect dark and stormy backdrop to heighten the sense of mystery for this incredible display.


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