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Creating Unforgettable Experiences.

We don't build displays, we craft experiences, designs at the forefront of current trends, backed by strategic thinking and built with precision and integrity. Using superior quality, expert craftsmanship and the latest technology, we deliver future-forward immersive realities that get your brand noticed right now.


What's possible when creative design and cutting-edge fabrication technologies intersect? Everything. We use state-of-the-art digital manufacturing technology to bring the unique elements of your brand to life, collaborating with stakeholders to deliver amazing results without compromise.


Samuel Steel

As a calling card for the company, Samuel Steel’s newly built headquarters required an entry that would make a great first impression. Using CNC laser-cut and welded metal, LED backlighting, and spray-finished lettering we brought the brand to life. When viewed straight on, the piece is a bold icon of the logo, but shift perspective slightly and the company’s values are revealed, six pillars perfectly integrated into the firm’s identity. 



Since 1967, Humber College has been unleashing the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of their students. They came to CVS looking to build out an amazing new design from ATA Architects, a space that would continue to inspire young minds. With the clean lines of Corian posts and beams, trimmed finishes, and comfortable seating that invites users to sit and explore, the Tech Zone framed an exciting circuit where students could interact with the latest technology. Adjacent to the kiosk was an interactive wall, created in partnership with wonderMakr. Powered by Kinect Azure and TouchDesigner, students could interact with the space for a completely innovative learning experience. 

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