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In House Services.

Our in-house services include design, fabrication, additive manufacturing and rendering, graphics, engineering, marketing, packaging, logistics, installation, robotic subtractive manufacturing, asset storage and management.
From step one to step done, we do it all.

XM Technology

Experiential marketing technology involves the use of digital tools and platforms to create immersive and interactive brand experiences for consumers. It leverages augmented reality, virtual reality, apps, interactive screens, and vending to engage audiences in unique and memorable ways, fostering a deeper connection between consumers and brands through hands-on, participatory experiences.


Interactive Elements

Interactive elements refer to features or components in various mediums, such as digital platforms, websites, applications, or physical products, that engage users in a two-way communication or participation. In digital contexts, interactive elements can include buttons, sliders, forms, and multimedia content that respond to user input. Gamification, quizzes, and surveys are examples of interactive elements employed to increase user engagement on websites or mobile apps. In physical products, interactive features might involve touch-sensitive controls, augmented reality components, or responsive packaging. The incorporation of interactive elements not only enhances user experience but also encourages active participation, making products and digital interfaces more dynamic and user-friendly.


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