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In House Services.

Our in-house services include design, fabrication, additive manufacturing and rendering, graphics, engineering, marketing, packaging, logistics, installation, robotic subtractive manufacturing, asset storage and management.
From step one to step done, we do it all.


Graphics production encompasses the creation and assembly of visual elements for various media. It involves graphic design, layout, and the use of software tools to generate images and artwork printed on a variety of substrates which are not limited to pvc, dibond, acrylic, fabric, wood, cardboard, and vinyl.

BF-2022-JD at the Bourbon-Hallway-MakeitCount.jpg
BF-2022-JD at the Bourbon-Hallway-MakeitCount.jpg

Direct to Substrate & Vinyl Printing

Utilizing Direct to Substrate and Vinyl Printing offers the ability to create versatile, high-resolution, and durable custom designs on diverse surfaces. DTS allows direct printing on materials like wood, metal, glass, and plastic, ensuring intricate details and vibrant colours. Vinyl Printing, known for its adaptability, and easy application, is commonly used for decals, stickers, banners, and signage. The combination of these techniques provides clients with a broad range of customization options, suitable for promotional materials, signage, or personalized items. Effectively communicating these benefits emphasizes the value of your services, and staying informed about the latest printing technologies ensures continuous improvement in design quality and variety.

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Custom Packaging

Custom packaging offers businesses a myriad of capabilities to enhance their brand identity and product presentation. Beyond providing protection and functionality, custom packaging allows for unique design elements, tailored sizes, and materials that align with a brand's aesthetics. It enables businesses to create memorable and distinctive packaging that stands out on shelves, helping to attract and engage customers. With the flexibility to incorporate branding elements, colors, and logos, custom packaging becomes an extension of a brand's messaging, contributing to a cohesive and recognizable brand image. Additionally, the personalization of packaging can enhance the unboxing experience, fostering a positive perception of the product and brand, ultimately influencing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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