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Creating Unforgettable Experiences.

We don't build displays, we craft experiences, designs at the forefront of current trends, backed by strategic thinking and built with precision and integrity. Using superior quality, expert craftsmanship and the latest technology, we deliver future-forward immersive realities that get your brand noticed right now.

Trade Shows

From ideation to exhibition, our award-winning trade show service provides fully-integrated solutions and engaging design that leaves a lasting impression. Planning, production, logistics, execution and installation, at home, across the country, or around the world - we do it all, and we do it right, every time. 



Each year, IBM hosts a Think Summit to showcase and educate partners and resellers on the latest industry innovations and developments. In 20XX, CVS stepped in to help design and build the Summit exhibits, creating a unique, exciting and engaging environment for all segments featured at the show. Every space was designed to transmit meaning, enhance flow, and maximize engagement throughout the event, while maintaining the high-quality fit and finish that represents the IBM brand. CVS designed, fabricated, delivered and installed all elements of the event, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees and employees alike.


HP Omen Dreamhack

When HP set about launching a new product into an already competitive marketplace, they came to us via Starshot Agency, and challenged us to create an exhibit that would make an immediate splash at a series of high-profile trade and consumer shows. Our mandate was to create a booth that was eye-catching enough to draw people in from across the show floor, and enticing enough to encourage them to enter the booth and discover the new HP Omen product line in a fully immersive experience.


Invest in Canada

Invest in Canada came to us to design and build a booth for their 50’x50’ space at a high-profile tradeshow in Toronto. We delivered, with a standout booth that made a lasting impression thanks to two 50’ seamless fabric graphics, a branded reception desk, an iconic maple leaf stage for executive speakers, two 20’ video walls, an inviting coffee bar, and two private meeting spaces with wall mounted monitors and whiteboards where Invest in Canada reps delivered their engaging pitch.



To showcase Worx’s extensive line of power tools and lawn & garden equipment, we designed a booth with sleek merchandising displays. Individual product demos and a custom VR game, where users used a Worx pressure washer to shoot down as many garden gnomes as possible, completed the experience, showcasing the power and performance of the brand’s innovative products. Designed for maximum flexibility, the booth could be configured to fit any space, from 10’x10’, up to 20’x20’.

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